All In My Head Designs


How do I contact you regarding a commission?

Please use our CONTACT page! This will send an email to our email address.

You can also contact us via our social media pages, linked in an FAQ below, or under our "Social" links on our website!

I used to know All In My Head as a print store...where did it all go?!

We split up our businesses - AIMH will now focus on apparel & working with bands ONLY! For tattoo flash prints/stickers and other products please visit WASTED DECAY.

Have you got any examples of your previous commissions?

Yes! You can view our porfolio using our pages below:

We love the AIMH Merch! What sizes do you provide, and where do you ship to?

Being a plus size artist, we know the importance of ACTUAL inclusivity. We currently stock S-5XL, and we are trying to find ways to also stock XS/XXS etc. 

We ship our products, and work with bands worldwide! There is no where too far for AIMH to reach.

When will new products be coming out?

We LOVE how excited you all get about new products - keep an eye on our social media accounts regarding store updates.

How to we keep up to date with your work?

You can keep up to date with what we're working on via our social media pages under our "Social" links on our website!

Or if you're lazy and don't want to find them (like we are) then here we go: