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About Us

What is AIMH?

All In My Head Designs is a dedicated space for giving people ways to express themselves, their interests and their personality through art.

All In My Head Designs is run by a queer, plus size artist from Bristol, and their golden retriever partner. We always ensure that we provide our services at a high quality but at the lowest cost possible, meaning that all profit made through All In My Head goes back into making sure that our customers have the best range of products, and the best experience. 


What do we do?

Designs and Prints

The designs and prints created by All In My Head Designs are original and inspired by a variety of popular culture items, styles and productions. We also like to provide prints and designs around positive messaging such as body image, LGBTQ+ and self care.

Requested Designs

Requested designs can be requested via social media or via the AIMH email. These are designs that are requested by customers and will be sold generally as a product (with idea credits given to that customer). If a customer would like it for only personal used and not sold further than themselves then it will be classed as a commission and further costs will be applied.


Commissions will be available in any style and can be personalised. These designs are strictly personal and will not be sold to the general pubic. If given permission by the customer, the design produced may be used on social media sites to promote the work of All In My Head Designs, however that particular design will not be available to purchase.

Who Are We?

The Designer: Eloise (left)

The Brains: Halil (right)