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What Do We Do?


The designs we use for our prodcuts all come from in my head. I mean that's the point of this shop right? We make a range of prints, stickers, postcards, tote bags, apparel, hand painted items and more! Check out our store for more info, or check out our past products and collections on our pages!

Limited Edition Products

These products are limited to a certain number of items to be sold. Sometimes this is to raise money for a charity, sometimes it is just because we can’t bulk produce perfection.


It all begins with YOUR idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world...or maybe you just want to see what you look like as a cartoon. Whatever it is, we can help you with that. Check out our Digital and Hand Painted Commissions on our pages!

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These are some of our best selling products, if you like what you should see what else we can make!

We've Given In

We're now on TikTok! To save you downloading it we have put all of our videos on here!
If you do happen to be on TikTok though...please support us by following our account!; @aimhdesigns